Comlek offer a variety of solutions to business security requirements including Access Control, IP CCTV and Fire Detection.

Comlek have experience of installing various types of access control systems in line with customer requirements.

​Standalone access control is the most cost effective and simplest method of securing your facilities. These systems are typically appropriate for small to medium-sized business premises by allowing main access control to the building.

 PC based systems are a much more tailored system and are ideal for larger-sized organisations such as government and university buildings. They are increasingly being used to control additional services within buildings such as intruder alarms, fire doors, lifts and lighting. It offers central network management for flexible control of individual or groups of users and can provide instant reporting of access logs focused on specific areas.

IP CCTV cameras are revolutionising security surveillance, and technology has evolved to allow for a more diverse security monitoring system through high resolution, larger digital storage options and compatibility for integrated analytical software.

​Due to this capability, IP CCTV now dominates the CCTV market, as many businesses are now updating or installing new IP-based surveillance systems.

Comlek can design, install and maintain IP CCTV surveillance systems for a variety of commercial settings, including retail, healthcare, education, transport or banking, no matter whether it is for a small business or large corporate environment, CCTV increases your security and crime protection and depending on the suitability to your business environment, we can specify anything from simple analogue systems to digital and remote IP monitoring systems.

Comlek have experience of installing various types of fire alarm systems depending on the requirements of your business. Our team will assist in the design, planning, implementation and maintenance of your project. There are three main fire alarm solutions available in the market and selecting the correct one is critical to your business;

Open protocol

This system may be worked on by all installation and maintenance companies as there are usually no restrictions when testing and inspecting a system of this nature. Companies that are not fully competent or experienced on the specific system you have, can access the system via the panel and amend its operational functions. This can however, have serious consequences that may not initially be apparent and can cause the system to not respond effectively.

Closed protocol

This system is manufactured and maintained by the same company. The end user is dependent on the original manufacturer for all parts, servicing, modification and upgrades, due to incompatibility with other manufacturer’s products. If the manufacturer delivers poor customer service or increases pricing, you do not have the option of selecting another manufacturer or installer without completely replacing your fire alarm system.

Managed protocol

This system is a hybrid of the two above options outlined above. This system is commonly supported by several independent fire companies whom compete against one another, resulting in realistic costs and competitive customer service levels due to the end user having the option a choice of providers.

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